Saturday, 6 December 2008

3 Swords of the Emperor. The true story of Captain Bernhard Rogge and the Raider ATLANTIS

During WW2, Emperor Hirohito of Japan awarded only 3 ceremonial swords in his personal gift to officers of the German Military. One to Hermann Goering in his capacity as commanding officer of the Luftwaffe, one to Field Marshall Irwin Romel, and one to Captain Bernhard Rogge.

This is a picture of Captain Bernhard Rogge, master of the German Raider, ATLANTIS during the second World War.

Like many officers of the Kriegsmarine, or German Navy, he was of Jewish descent. Unlike many, though, he saw distinguished service in WW2 as commanding officer of the raider ATLANTIS. He rose to the rank of Vice Admiral in the Kriegsmarine, and served as Rear Admiral in the West German navy. Following the war's end, Captain Rogge was one of very few senior officers not arrested, due in large part to the conduct of his command of the ATLANTIS. In fact, in the words of Captain J. Armstrong-White, master of City Of Baghdad, sunk by the ATLANTIS in July, 1941, "His treatment of prisoners left respect, instead of hatred".

There is much to come in the days ahead, including the secret dossier that led to the downfall of Singapore and laid the way for the Japanese invasion of Singapore. The master of the German Raider Atlantis is central to the dye of the second world war, events that unfolded due to the actions, in many respects, of a single German Naval Officer, and a man of singular high warrant as a man and as a sailor. Captain Bernhard Rogge.

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Dear Nineteen Keys...I would like permission to use both the picture of Bernhard Rogge and that of the Atlantis moored, in a new book on the sinking of the Zamzam in April 1941 by Canadian author Peter Levitt, who was n board the Zamzam and taken prisoner by The Atlantis.The images would also be used to promote the book on the 'publishing' pages of my website—, Sinceerely
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