Sunday, 30 May 2010

Whatever Happened to Midshipman Joe Brooks, RN?

Click this link for an excellent article from the edition of LIFE Magazine, August 11, 1941.

Wonderful water colours painted by Joe Brooks in recollection of the Bismarck Action from his point of view in HMS Dorsetshire, along with articles by Joe Brooks and Lt. Cdr. Geoffrey Carver, RN, the Torpedo Officer in HMS Dorsetshire.

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Anonymous said...

Hi it's Martin Smith again.

Interesting to see Joe Brooks' obituary. Pity you censored the paragraph that follows Joe's abortive attempt to save the armless German sailor. I suppose it repeats the version about how he was confined to his cabin for leaving the ship without permission, a version with which you do not agree. Censorship is never a good thing.

My father, the observer on Dorsetshire's walrus, died a few years ago and I recently found a text he wrote about the incident. Unfortunately it ends with my father bringing Joe the summons from Captain Martin and then final word is Joe Brooks' "Jesus".

If I have time I will type it out. Unfortunately it doesn't support or contradict what happened later.

Other correspondance from Dorsetshire society members suggests that Joe Brooks' hatred of Captain Martin made him exaggerate somewhat.